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year 1

Final presenation board.jpg
big red bottle presenation board.jpg
rafa presentation board.jpg
clay from floor.jpg
clay floor presentation board.jpg
presentation board 2.jpg 2013-10-25-18:56:47
presentation board 3.jpg
presentation board 2.jpg
presentation board 1.jpg
empty tap.JPG

Water Wise Tap

Group Project

possibles in use.png
finding the final design.png
telescoping pole board.png
form description.png
size board.png
clip mechanism.jpg
presentation board 1.png
presentation board 2.png
the app.jpg

Open Brief Project 

Individual Project 

100ml Branded Bottle Project

Individual Project

Isabelle Johnston

Studying BA(hons) Product design
Bournemouth Univeristy

Year 2

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