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A Level Project

In my A-Level project I decided to design an indoor garden. The aim of the Indoor Garden was simple, allow anyone to grow herbs for salads and general cooking, with minimal effort and minimal knowledge of gardening. I design the indoor garden for a specfic client and was constantly in contact with the client throughout the design process to ensure maximum satisfaction with the final product. In the slides above, are the pages of my sketching and initial ideas for the project. In this project I recieved a score of 113/120 for the coursework element of the A Level. 

final cad drawing.png 2013-10-25-16:29:6
initial ideas.png 2013-10-25-18:0:46
initials ideas 3.png 2013-10-25-18:2:5
initial ideas 2.png 2013-10-25-18:3:10
design idea 1.png 2013-10-25-18:29:2
design idea 2.png 2013-10-25-18:20:29
light head development.png 2013-10-25-18:16:28
design idea 3.png 2013-10-25-18:13:52
evaluation of 3 products.png 2013-10-25-18:14:51
sustainability development.png 2013-10-25-18:32:28
final pensil drawing.png 2013-10-25-16:30:2
cad development.png 2013-10-25-16:28:14
exploded view of bowl.png 2013-10-25-16:26:40

Isabelle Johnston

Studying BA(hons) Product design
Bournemouth Univeristy

Year 2

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